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Victoria Goldman, a journalist specializing in education is the author of three guide books on private schools: The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools, The Manhattan Directory to Private Nursery Schools and The Los Angeles Guide to Private Schools, all published by Soho Press.  Ms. Goldman regularly contributes to the Education Life supplement of The New York Times and has a column in a Manhattan weekly, Junior Ivy League.  Ms. Goldman lives in Manhattan and serves on the board of trustees of various non-profit institutions including Riverdale Country School, The We Are Family Foundation and The Educational Alliance.

All information included in Ms. Goldman's guide books are written by the author with information provided from schools, teachers, administrators, alumni, students, advisors, tutors and parents.  Careful attention is taken to insure factual accuracy from the schools themselves, but much information is based on interviews with many reliable sources whose facts are checked.  Guide books do inevitably become out-of-date as such facts like tuition, class size and personnel change on a regular basis, but Ms. Goldman's guides have much that remains current and invaluable for those seeking information about private schools.




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